Our Congregation

As a church congregation, we are mostly full-time residents of the Berkshires, but we also have many seasonal members and visitors to the region. We are ready and eager for some challenges that affect St. Paul’s. One is to attract new parishioners, and to bring regular attendees back into the church after several years of Pandemic malaise and drop-off. Another is to attract youth and young families to St. Paul’s. We actually delight in the sounds of children in church and look forward to a time when they are regular attendees.

We are an older congregation, well educated, progressive, and vital in outlook. St. Paul’s has a strong regional draw of parishioners, some traveling upwards of an hour to reach Stockbridge. Some attend because of our open outlook regarding non-discrimination of all people: age, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, and national origin. We support and celebrate the gifts each individual offers.

We care a great deal about fulfilling the spiritual needs of our parishioners and involving the individual talents and gifts of our members to enhance our shared spiritual life.

We recognize that having a rector who is warm and outgoing can help bring out the best in our whole congregation.

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2023 St. Paul’s Annual Report

Annual Parish Meeting
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Stockbridge, MA

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
February 11, 2024