Rector Search

Four Pillars of St. Paul’s

Our community is looking for a priest who will be both engaged and engaging.  We are looking for a leader who will suggest new ways to engage in outreach ministries and recognize our desire and commitment to love God and our neighbors.  We hope for relatable and inspiring sermons, delivered by a warm personable, open, and empathetic spiritual leader.

If you are interested in being a rector candidate, please contact the Rev. Dr. Richard Simpson, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Western Massachusetts,

2022 St. Paul’s Annual Report

Annual Parish Meeting
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Stockbridge, MA

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
February 5, 2023

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 2023 Annual Report

Profile Committee:

Patty Melville, Duncan Pollock, Rob Maloney, Diane Dillon, Darryl Lafferty, and Mary Berle.  This group reviewed the results of the Holy Cow Congregational Assessment Tool completed by the congregation in summer 2022, held listening sessions with the parish, and spoke with community leaders.  Then they developed the “Four Pillars of St. Paul’s” – a brief narrative of who we are today, and composed answers to the “13 questions” from the Office of Transitional Ministry.

Search Committee:

Anne Covell, Martha Bodine, Darryl Lafferty, Matt Fillio, Donna Gray, Robin Race, and David Pearson.  Once names of prospective rector candidates have been received, this group will interview candidates and enter into discernment before presenting their recommendations to the Vestry.